76 years since the historical Cretan battle of 1941 !

Today we are honoring the people who fought for the freedom of Crete during world war II, on the 20th of May of 1941.

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Our cretan heroes stood bravely in the battle field.. The great fight the cretan fighters and civilians gave, was symbolic to the exceptional cretan bravery and pride !

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Today our thoughts are going back 76 years, Stimulating our morale and the need for peace that nowadays is completely under threat !

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The super colourful event is taking place also in Rethymno for the first time !!

On the 20th of May the at 17.30 and at ”plateia Mikrasiaton” in the Old Town, there will be a great celebration with live band , dancers and many other surprises !!

Bring your white clothes and make them more interesting by adding colours on them and have fun with your friends and family !!

See you there on Saturday !!

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a regular Sunday !

This Sunday we spent a lovely day by the nature with friends and family ! and few sheep were also added to our company !!


This is the cretan greek way of having lunch especially on a lovely Sunday !


Our lunch consisted of a great big salad full of everything including avocado and pomegranate !

As siders we had olive oils and artichokes in fresh cretan olive oils and as main lunch we had pork steak and beef!

A lot of food with colours and tastes always that comes in great variety!

How else could we eat all these without combing them with a cold beer ? Our favourite greek beer FIX with its great history is always the best option!

Too much is never enough when it comes to greek food  and fun !

Be positive and enjoy every little thing that makes you smile and gives you energy !

Wish you a lovely happy week !

Creamy and delicious !

So when it comes to the question who likes sweet and creamy desserts ? My answer is who doesn’t !!

Today our breakfast includes homemade “rizogalo” ( ρυζόγαλο ) !!  With fresh goat cheese from cretan village !

The perfect combination for this recipe !

IMG_8319 (1)

Slightly sweet with a lot less sugar and more milk ! Completely healthy and delicious !!

We will be happy to welcome you and give you  more advice on greek recipes and cooking !!

In Crete we have such a  variety of fresh products and also beautiful nature !

So we started picking up our flowers from today as 1st of May is close !

Wish you a lovely weekend !


This year we celebrated Easter in Gerani village ( just 20 minutes away from Rethymno) , in a warm house with good friends and happy children !

It is always refreshing to spend the day in the nature !

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Μεγάλη Παρασκευή

Η Μεγάλη Παρασκευή είναι μέρα απόλυτου πένθους για όλη την Χριστιανοσύνη, η μέρα που γίνεται η κορύφωση του Θείου Δράματος…kerkyra-giorgos-kontarinis18a




Amazing fireworks ! People are gathering up in costumes at the big square of Agnostos Stratiotis in Rethymno where pre carnival events are taking place!

thumb__filtered-A1367B9B-2C7F-424A-98E5-9F94519BA6EB_1024 thumb_IMG_3179_1024CARNIVAL FESTIVE MODE ON !!


Carnival in Rethymno has become a tradition. It firstly started in 1914 and continues up till now with great success !

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People from different parts of the country but also from abroad, come to Rethymno in order to enjoy this great event!

Young children with their parents and older ones put their costumes on and get prepared to dance and celebrate on this big day!

For the first time, this summer 2016, there will be carnival in Rethymno in its summer edition! As there has already been the annual parade that took place in March!

Everything will be set for the big event on the 3rd of June! The beach road will be the main road of the parade starting from Agnosto’s Stratiotis square at 20.00 pm


We will be really happy if you could join us and have great fun together !

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