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1st of May !


Despite the dispute whether the current day is a holiday or strike, we shall take a look back in the very distant past in order to discover the roots of this special day which welcomes May! The month when nature is at its pick !

From May 1886 that labor unions in Chicago rose up demanding an 8-hour job with better conditions, the May 1 is established as a day of workers. It is connected with workers’ struggles and a tribute to those who perished to leave to future generations a legacy normal working conditions.

Today is a chance to be close to nature and get away from the daily routine !


The celebration of May Day is a custom that throws back its time to the ancient times. The events that took place either for goddess Demeter or Dionysus were intending to celebrate the fertility of the fields, the fruitfulness of the earth, the flowering of nature, the final end of winter and the coming of summer.

In Greece the most widespread custom of this day is the creation of a wreath full of flowers, cut from the fields, called ”protomagiatiko stefani” meaning the wrath of the 1st of May. As soon as they complete it, people hang it on the door of their house or their balcony, where they keep until June 23, which is the eve of the celebration of Klidona St. John, when they finally burn it!


Whether we believe or not in the symbolic dimensions of these customs, they still represent an important part of our folklore tradition which also allows us to get away from our daily routine and enjoy the nature at its best.

Whether you are in a big city or in the country, Greece is full of greenery and flowers, allowing us, even just for  traditional purposes, to make our own ‘’protomagiatiko’’ wreath.

Wish you a lovely month full of flowers !

Happy 1st of May !

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