Sint George

Celebration of Saint George !


Every year , the second day after Easter, Christianity celebrates Saint George, one of the most venerated saints of



The image of rider Saint George slaying the dragon represents the freedom of slavery and evil and freedom itself.

Saint George is considered to be a patron in many cities and places around the world.

Here in Crete is  also widely popular and greatly honoured.

This year 2016 the celebration takes place the 2nd of May.

In many cretan villages as Koumi, Asi Gonia, for the saint’s sake and as a blessing to the faithful Christians there is given

free food and wine.

Especially in Asi Gonia village, there is taking place a really unique cretan custom,

Shepherds are taking their herds to the church so that the priest blesses them. Then the milking takes place and the milk is

given out to the people participating to the celebration.



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